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Business purpose:

Branding enterprises, industry to the country!

Business philosophy:

Quality creates value! 1. Quality includes people's quality, product quality and service quality. Shangzheng Company has always been committed to the comprehensive improvement of the above three qualities, creating value for customers, society and employees! 2, indicating that the implementation of the company is a customer-oriented strategy, to create value for customers as the company's central goal, we not only manufacture and sell products, we are concerned about the entire process of achieving customer shelves! 3. It shows that the enterprise implements the [people-oriented] strategy, emphasizing that the character is the first, and all the goals must be achieved by people. Shangzheng not only produces first-class products, provides first-class services, but also develops and cultivates high-quality Staff!

Corporate goal:

Not seeking the biggest but seeking the best, through the continuous efforts and support of the development of all the people, determined to become the top ten national valve industry, based on the domestic and the world.

Corporate social contribution:

On the basis of the survival and development of the company, we provide customers with high-quality products, create wealth for the society, provide employees with employment and development opportunities, and at the same time focus on protecting the environment and pursuing the coordination and sustainable development of the company and society.!

The spirit of Shangzheng Enterprise:

Corporate culture is the consent of corporate members' values, words and deeds, ethics, and rules and regulations. The character of Shangzheng's entrepreneurial spirit is: [innovation, persistence, integrity, collaboration].

Employee's code of ethics:

Self-improvement, self-improvement, honesty, integrity, integrity, quality, unity, continuous improvement, everything, customer first Maintain company honors everywhere and protect company interests from time to time。

Management policy:

Develop products with first-class technology; guide production with first-class management; develop market with first-class products; create value with first-class quality; arm employees with first-class culture; win customers with first-class reputation.