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The company adheres to the principle that human resources are the first resource, and the quantity is applicable. Because it can set up posts, use the competitive mechanism of the upper and lower levels to stimulate the potential and creativity of employees, give talents the conditions for growth, enhance the value, and Competence and contribution measure the value of employees to the company, and make outstanding talents with good character, dedication, diligence, business ability and high efficiency stand out.

The company attaches great importance to the career development of each employee, implements all-staff training, establishes a learning team, and develops and provides multi-level and multi-level professional training at home and abroad, including new employee training, business management training, overseas study, and visits. To comprehensively improve the overall quality and business capabilities of employees. Through various types of training, not only the personal value of employees is improved, but also the continuous updating of the company's overall knowledge structure and the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive competitiveness.