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For more than 20 years, Shangzheng Enterprise has been one of the most dynamic companies in the field of valve piping engineering and fluid control technology. Shangzheng's quality products and services are profound and deep, and are still expanding.

The extension of the pipeline network has promoted the rapid development of the 21st century; the continuous expansion of the fluid control field has promoted the civilization process of human society; the solution of the partition is no longer feasible, and only the comprehensive solution can have life. We are constantly moving towards the world's leading provider of valve piping engineering and fluid control technology solutions.

The reason why Shangzheng is outstanding is that we have the best technical expertise and unique ability to understand the needs of our customers. With the business philosophy of “Quality creates value”, The entrepreneurial spirit of “Innovation, Perseverance, Integrity, Collaboration” and unparalleled advantages in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance, excellent consulting, management skills, enthusiasm for customer service and more competitive prices, we provide our customers with First-class, innovative pipeline engineering products and solutions. Proactive learning makes improvement and improvement possible, and we are one step ahead in the competition. but,

What really makes the Shangzheng company remarkable is that all these key capabilities are brought together in the Shangzheng company. This is how we create value for our customers, our employees and our society.。

Innovation comes from dreams and a powerful team that turns dreams into reality. "Self-improvement, good morality; brand-building enterprises, industry to the country. The establishment of Shangzheng Enterprise is for a prospect. Today, more than twenty years later, we are still successfully following this three-view, which is the common ideal of all Shangzheng people.

Today, as the process of globalization of the world economy is advancing by leaps and bounds, in today's modernization of China, the business opportunities are full and the time is not waiting. All of us will be full of enthusiasm, sincerely look forward to the joining and cooperation of elites from all walks of life to jointly create a better future!